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149. Manifesting Abundance

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Dear Erik

A couple of hours ago, I was on the observation deck of the new World Trade Center in New York City on the 102nd floor. The view is breathtaking. Five days before, I was at a 2.5 day training by Kevin Billett in a ski resort – Predeal, Romania ( The subject of the training was Manifesting Abundance. When observing New York from the observation deck, it became clear to me how magnificent abundance can be.I was amazed what individual people are able to manifest. And after Kevin’s inspiring training, it became clearer to me what is holding us back and what we can do to attract and manifest all we need and desire in our lives.

Kevin made it very clear that nothing in the world holds us back as regards what we would like to have in our lives, but our own limiting beliefs. And that became so clear to me when I looked at NYC. What I saw was magnificence and greatness which originated in the dreams of bold and brave human beings. Individuals with a very strong belief and a clear focus in making their dreams come true.

When I saw the vast abundance, which is New York, the training from Kevin became even more significant. It convinced me that there is no limit to what you can achieve. As long as you really, genuinely want it. And I think it works as follows:

  1. Know what it is you really want to manifest. Be abundant. Dare to desire your wildest dreams.
  2. Know that what you desire is waiting for you. You only have to manifest it into your life.
  3. Act upon achieving your desires and be brave and bold. Be persistent. Be prepared to face huge challenges.
  4. Be patient. The more patience you have, the faster things go (Gerard Koolen).
  5. Know that everything that manifests in your life is never yours and is only given to you and will be taken away again.
  6. Book Kevin’s training and visit the 102nd floor of the World Trade Center in New York City.




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